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The First
Day of Summer 2016 is Wednesday, June 20th
(Summer Solstice)

The First
Day of Autumn 2016 is Thursday, September 22th
(Autumnal Equinox)

Daylight Saving Time 2016 Ends Sunday Morning November 6th At 2:00AM Turn Your Clocks Back 1 Hour

The First
Day of Winter 2016 is Wednesday, December 21st
(Winter Solstice)

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When does DST (Daylight Sving Time) begin and when does it end?

Remember, in the U.S., we turned the clocks ahead on the second Sunday in March.  Remembering when to do this is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  The first time change (1) happens on the second Sunday (2) of third month (3).  1... 2... 3...

What direction do we turn the clocks when DST begins?  

answer: Forward... March!


What direction do we turn the clocks when DST ends?  

answer:There's No Turning Back Now!

This means we turn the clocks Forward in March and we turn the clocks Back in NOvember.  We turn them back because there's No turning back now on time changes. So, November (No.) - turn the cocks back and
the clocks go Forward in March.

Not in the U.S.?  We have a page that tells you when DST starts and ends everywhere.  It is daylight savings time around the globe on Calendardaze.  You can get to this page here... When is Daylight Savings Time in...

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These calendars include Easter Sunday's date.  Calendars with Easter Sunday are more difficult to calculate because determining when Easter Sundays is depends upon full moon cycles.  Without taking Easter Sunday into consideration, there only 14 different calendars.  In other words, there are 7 calendars without leap year and 7 calendars with leap year.  A calendar is determined by which of the 7 days of the week January 1st falls on, plus, whether or not that year is a leap year.  

However, this Free Online Calendar includes Easter Sunday on all its calendars.  With Easter Sunday in the mix, there are many more than 14 calendars.  This Free Online Printable Calendar Web Site will accurately create your calendar of any year with Easter Sunday's date colored purple!  The rest of the dates will be printed in black.

Your calendar will be created in text and will print out perfectly to an 81/2 x 11 (standard) paper.  Your computer's screen resolution doesn't matter.  This Free Online Printable Calendar's Web Site has been designed to work on Microsoft Internet Explorer and it works perfectly on all versions of IE.  It may not work as well with all browsers, but it works great with everyone we've tried.

To print your free calendar, simply click on Any Year Calendar.  Enter the year of the calendar you want in the box, then click on the button that says "click here for the calendar."  Your calendar will be up on your screen in a second.  Then, you can print it out like you would print out any page of text on your computer, usually, file - print - enter number of copies - print.  Go ahead, try it!  It's FREE!

What Day of the Week Was November 24, 1949

Maybe, you don't need a whole calendar right now.  Maybe, you only want to see what day of the week last October 12th was, or maybe you ask, "What Day of the Week Was November 24, 1949?"  You find you don't have last year's calendar at your disposal, let alone a calendar from 1949, but you need to know what day of the week these days fell on.

Some people would like to quickly see what day of they week they were born on.  Also, there are several other reasons you may need to know what day a certain date was or will be on.  Like, if you were scheduling a closing, for instance, and you need to know you are not going to schedule a date that falls on an some particular day, like perhaps, a Sunday.

If you need to find information such as this, you can do so, instantaneously, by going to What Day?  When there, enter the number of the month in question, the number of the date of the month and the year in their respective boxes.  Then, click on "click here to find out what day that is."  In a split second, What Day will tell you what day of the week that day was or will be!  What Day works on any browser, perfectly!  Oh, by the way, November 24, 1949 was a Thursday.  In fact, it was Thanksgiving Day.

What Years Use the Same Calendars?

Which years use the same calendar as one another?  Here's how to find out.  Click on Years That Use the Same Calendar .  Enter any year between 1753 and 2100 in the box.  Click "click here for the same year calendars."

A page will instantaneously be displayed that will show you all the calendars that are the same as the year you entered.  This page works with any Web Browser.

While on the page "Years That Use the Same Calendar" You will get your choice of whether you want to find which years use are the same calendar including when Easter Sunday is on the same date, or, as in the case of most people, you just need the list of calendars that are he same regardless of whether or not Easter Sunday falls on the same date.

It is interesting to note some years are repeated many times throughout history whe Easter Sunday is taken into account but others are very rare.  For instance, the year 2007 uses the exact same calendar as the year 2001 used, but you have to go back to 1856 to find another year that uses the same calendar as the year 2008.  Also, you won't see another calendar year the same as the year 2008 until 2092 when Easter Sunday's falls on the same date .

There are, however, only 14 calendars in all when you are not specifying the date Easter falls on.

All of the information found on Years That Use the Same Calendar is very interesting and is exclusively found here at Calendardaze's Free Online Printable Calendar Website.

Full Moons, Some Blue!

When is the next full moon?  Calendardaze has this information on the page Full Moon Schedule.  This page will even tell you when you will see the next Blue Moon!
Due Date Calculator

Do you want to know when the little one will be making his or her first appearance?  Well, you've come to the right place!  Calendardaze boasts the internet's Number 1 Pregnancy Due Date Calculator and you can find it on the following page... Due Date Calculator

Lunar Phase

Lunar Phase page from Calendardaze tells you all about the moon and its cycles. Comne visit Lunar Phase and learn all about things like a gibbous waxing moon!

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