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Calculate Due Date

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator Calculates With The Best Accuracy The Date An Expecting Mother's Baby Is Due

This simple to use pregnancy due date calculator will with the best accuracy calculate the date when an expecting mother can reasonably expect she will be giving birth to her new born.

There are many different formulas used for calculating a baby's due date but this calculator is professionally built and uses the latest and most accepted methods a medical professional will use to calculate a pregnancy due date.

Though there is no iron clad way of knowing for sure when your baby will be ready to come out and greet the world but for sure, this Webpage will give you the most accurate possible answer to the question, "When's my baby due?"

This calculator has been programmed by the same folks who brought you the great calendars of CalendarDaze!  

The Length of a Pregnancy

The average legnth of a preganacy is 280 days.  It begins after a menstrual cycle is missed.  Since conception can actually occur three weeks before the menstrual cycle, a pregnancy's legnth is often much closer to ten months than it is to nine!

What is the Starting Date of a Due Date Calculation?Of course, all missed menstrual cycles don't positively mean there is a pregnancy, but after it is determined a woman is expecting, the first missed menstrual cycle is the beginning date of the due date calculation.  There are varying opinions about which day of the missed menstrual cycle is the official date of  the preganancy's inception.  Some say it is best to use what would have been the last day.  Many doctors believe using what would have been the second day as the starting point will give the most accurate estimate of a due date because this would be the heart of the cycle.
100% Accruacy Cannot be Guaranteed

However, knowing which day would be the second is not an easy chore with most women because menstrual cycles can be an unexact science.  Still, this due date calculator asks the user to input the estimated second day of the first missed menstrual cycle because this has proven to get the most accurate results.  In any case, if a good guess is the best you can do, that's okay.

The calculator  also asks for the month of the missed menstrual cycle for obvious reasons.  Finally, it needs to know the year, so it can calculate whether or not there will be a February 29th involved.

That's all there is to it!  Input these three things and click the "Find Due Date" button and the calculator will tell you when you can expect to no longer be expecting!  And... as a little bonus, the due date calculator even tells you what day of the week the due date falls on.

It little stuff like that that gives CalendarDaze.com a number 1 ranking on many of the major search engines!

Here's the Due Date Calculator...

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