Same calendar for these years | The same calendar except for Easter?

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Same Calendar - On This Page Find Out Which Years From 1753 Through 2100 Can Use the Same Calendar

In Other words This Page Will Give You a List of Years in Wich The Same Calendar Can Be Used

On Top of This, We Give You Your Choice of Whether Your Calendar Years to be Exact to the Point of Having Easter Sundays Falling on the Same Date


If You Just Need to Know Identical Calendars Without Considering Easter Sunday's Date

Calendars that are identical when including Easter Sunday's date are numerous (there are over 40 different calendars this way) simply because Easter Sunday can fall on any date from March 21st to April 25th.

However, when not taking Easter Sunday's date into account, there only 14 calendars in total. There is one calendar for each day of the week a year starts on and another calendar for each day of the week a year starts on when it is a leap year. That's it!


Which years use the same calendars?

So, if you want to see which years use the same calenday without Easter Sunday falling on the same date, simply scroll down a bit.


If you need your same years' calendars to have Easter Sundays on the same date,

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Same Years Calendars Including Easter Sunday

Which Years Have the Same Calendar Without Easter Sunday Necessarily Being on the Same Date?

Just Enter a Year in The Box Below to Find Out!

These years calendars will be exactly the same with the exception of Easter Sunday's date

Enter a year between 1753 and 2100 in this box.....